Team 120 Exotic Mango 120ml

1.500 kr.

TEAM 120 Exotic Mango

Exotic Mango eliquid is a blend packed with tropical fruit. The mango flavour is layered with sweet and sour notes, with a crisp aftertaste. There are slight tart notes creating a genuine inhale and exhale.

2 á lager

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PG/VG 30/70
Flavour profile: Sweet & Sour, Mango
Nicotine: 0mg
Content: 100ml
Bottle: 120ml
Nicotine Space: 20ml

– Kindly add 20 ml. of your local tpd compliant nicotine boost into the bottle.
– Shake well for at least 5 minutes.
– We recommend to let it steep for 2 days before use.

Please consult national regulations concerning the intended use. We will gladly help you assess the suitability of the product in your local market, if you tell us what is and what isn’t allowed.