Brennari EX 0,5DL / 1,2MTL

500 kr.

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EX Brennarar fyrir EXCEED Tanka frá Joyetech

Brennari (Coil)

EX 0,5ohm DL. (orginal)


W : 20-35w

Besta gildi er 28W


EX 1,2ohm MTL. (orginal

The EX 1.2ohm mouth-to-lung head (best at 12W) is especially and perfectly designed for the EXCEED series atomizer and the EXCEED Edge cartridge. It is meant to offer you the perfect original flavor ever.

W : 8-14w

Besta gildi er 12w

EX series heads available for MTL&DL inhales

The EXCEED D22C atomizer is equipped with all-new EX atomizer heads: 1.2ohm head and 0.5 ohm head, delivering pure flavor and
providing excellent vaping enjoyment both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vapers