H2O BRY Taffy Man – E Liquid – vape vökvi

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Vape vökvi

H2OBRY – Taffy Man E Liquid

  • H2O
  • 100ml
  • Vökvi fyrir rafrettur (Eliquid)
  • Rafrettu vökvi (Ejuice)

This combination of bold fruit flavors that’s paired with a confectionary classic is going to have you thinking back to when you would head to the store with a few dollars of allowance money in your pocket and purchase one of those unique candy creations that were made at a fictional whacky factory by an eccentric sweet tooth. If you were a candy lover, you will know exactly what we’re talking about here! This juice in particular takes that well loved candy and gives it a much more advanced edge that will appeal even more to our adult side that values complexity and variance. When you are able to taste a blend like this it is going to send a rush of memories through your mind having you thinking back to moments that were once forgotten. Our senses are one of the strongest triggering points when it comes to remembering things and this juice will give such an intense and pleasant experience that you will be smiling for days. Why would you ever want to have the real thing when you have a vape juice blend that has all of the flavor that you desire without having to carry it around and chew until your jaw feels sore. Taffy Man E Liquid makes some of the most enchanting confectionary inspired blends on the market with their use of exquisite ingredients and the time and skill that went into making sure that each and every one of their juices is as amazing tasting as can be. H2OBRY combines the bold fruit flavors of ripe, bright red strawberries with sweet, flavorful watermelon and then throws them into a smooth, creamy taffy base. If you have to pick your jaw up off of the floor, we completely understand.