Fogg off Juice dirty grapple 50ml

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FOGG OFF – Dirty Grapple

NOTE: Do not vape direct from the bottle, have to be mixed with base!

Flavour description:

Red and green apples and sweet grapes with a cold finish.

This is what you get:

1 x 40ml Flavour-mix (well steeped) in a 60ml bottle.
Remember to add nicotine booster further up on the page.

The 60 ml bottle will fit both the flavour and the base and you’ll end up with 60ml of ready-to-vape e-liquid with the nicotine strength you choose.

This is how you do it:

1. Shake the bottle with the nicotine base.
2. Empty 20 ml nicotine base into the 60 ml bottle containing the flavour.
3. Put the lid back on the bottle and shake well – and let it settle for a day or two before use for maximum flavour (optional).