EXCEED EDGE (POD græja) og (50 / 50) rafretta

4.900 kr.

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Frá Joyetech kemur flott POD græja EXCEED edge sem gengur fyrir vengjulegum VÖKVA ásamt NicSalt vökva.


  • POD fyrir ( NicSalt )
  • exeed edge (POD version líka)
  • Brennari EX 1,2ohm
  • 2ml tankur
  • 650mAh
  • Mjög létt rafretta




Being a pod system while you can still change the coil heads as you like, the Joyetech EXCEED Edge is ergonomically designed, inspired by the sports car. It is meant to offer you a delectable and pure flavor using with the fine EX 1.2ohm head for mouth-to-lung enthusiasts. Meanwhile, it is compatible with high nicotine and nicotine salts. The EXCEED Edge is such a tiny and sleek device that fits you perfectly not just for starters but also advanced vapers.