CoolFire IV TC-18650

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Cool Fire® IV(4) TC 18650 Vape System profile

Powered by the ultra-fast and accurate AETHON temperature control board, the new Cool Fire IV(4) TC 18650 vape system runs on a single 18650 battery and delivers 75Watt with temperature control! The Cool Fire IV TC Vape 18650 is compact, durable and ultra-fast at 0.2 seconds from Click to Vape!

The Cool Fire 4 TC 18650 easily calibrates SS316L, Ni200, and Titanium coils for precise temperature control as well as Wattage mode output.

The Cool Fire 4(IV) TC 18650 is available in two editions: the Complete Kit which includes an iSub V TC Tank and a protective silicon 18650 battery cover and a Limited Edition Vape Travel Kit (without iSub V tank) which includes an added Vape Travel Case with an integrated 18650 Battery power level checker

Complete kit is available in three colors: Black and Silver (brushed finish ), and pure White.

Limited Edition Vape Travel Kit is available in four durable finishes (brushed finish ): Black, Silver, Blue and Red.